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Family Solutions Law Group
represents clients in the following areas:

Family Formations

  • prenuptial agreements
  • postnuptial agreements
  • domestic partnership agreements
  • cohabitation agreements

Family Transitions

  • marriage dissolution
  • relationship dissolution
  • legal separation
  • paternity
  • post-marriage dissolution modifications

Family Solutions Law Group

Family Solutions Law Group shares a common vision of guiding you through family formations and family transitions toward amicable and positive resolutions. What does this mean? Family Solutions Law Group provides legal counsel to individuals whose family is at a point where legal consideration and preparation is necessary – “family formations.” We also provide legal counsel to individuals whose family faces a time of transition – “family transitions.”

Whether you are seeking guidance at a time of formation or facing a transition, Family Solutions Law Group possesses the legal experience and creativity in the practice of family law to assist you.

We believe that a courtroom is not the ideal venue to resolve family law issues. We encourage our clients to consider all available options to the litigation process, including different types of mediation. We represent people in the collaborative law process, as well as other alternative dispute resolution processes. If your matter cannot be resolved outside the courtroom, Family Solutions Law Group has the skills and tools to advocate for your interests though trial and appeal if necessary.

Whatever your family law needs, no matter how basic or complex, Family Solutions Law Group is ready to meet with you. We want to get to know you, your interests and goals, and together develop a strategy and plan to move you and your family to the next chapter in life.