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  • prenuptial agreements
  • postnuptial agreements
  • domestic partnership agreements
  • cohabitation agreements

It’s an exciting time in your life when you begin to think about starting your family.  Whether you are simply thinking of getting married, or formalizing a long-term relationship, or expanding your family, each new chapter in your family’s life comes with different legal considerations.  Family Solutions Law Group is here to help you navigate those legal pathways.

We advise clients about prenuptial (antenuptial) agreements, postnuptial agreements, domestic partnership agreements, and cohabitation agreements.  We also work with clients to counsel them about adoptions and the many different options to expand families, including referrals to known and respected business partners.

Agreements help everyone find piece of mind

Prenuptial, postnuptial, domestic partnership and cohabitation agreements serve many different purposes.  These legal documents are customized to the interests and goals of the parties.  For instance, many couples enter into one of these agreements to protect a specific business interest, as an estate-planning tool to preserve assets for a person’s children, or to define the disposition of assets of the parties at the time of a marriage dissolution or death.  At Family Solutions Law Group, we are prepared to help you navigate this process and ensure that your future interests remain protected.